My name is Richard Learmont, I am a Musician, a Healer, and a Life Design Guide. I have vast and varied experience in using ancient and modern healing modalities to effect transformation for others in regards to helping them align with their inner truth and direction when making important and even every-day life decisions.

My purpose in serving you is to listen deeply, allowing you to be real, honest and true to yourself. I respond and guide you from my own expression of authenticity and clarity and it is my honor to do so.

Click on my video below to learn more about me and my journey to becoming a messenger of this work...

CLICK TO PLAY AND LEARN MORE ABOUT ME My mission is to facilitate a remembrance of people's true nature so they can experience love, freedom and bliss. I am honored to share with you an extraordinary experience that allows you to become more aware of your energy system and how to best manage it, make decisions that are always correct for you, and be your unique self.