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The Four Aura Types

Aura, the cornerstone of the Human Design System, is how you were designed to meet life.  Aura is the electromagnetic frequency that animates your body, extending roughly two arm lengths in all directions. It is the “song” of your unique being as you move through space. Aura type is determined by the interconnection of the centers that are defined (colored) in your chart. There are over 6 billion people on the planet. Yet just as humans have four blood groups, there are four aura types: Manifestor, Generator (including Manifesting Generator), Projector, and Reflector.


Aura strategy is how you were designed to move through life and is the fundamental tool for the experiment of living your design. It is amazing to discover that you have a mechanical way in which your unique aura frequency was designed to interact with all things. Experimentation with your strategy is the fastest way to see how this system works. It also quickly reveals that your mind has no clue what is correct for your life.

Generator & Manifesting Generator:  Wait to Respond

The Generator’s strategy is to wait to respond. Generators are the great builders. They are here to use their energy to build their own heaven on earth, while regenerating their own life force.  Generators have an enveloping aura which pulls life to them. They are here to live in a frequency of satisfaction; however, when they move toward things or try to get what they want, they meet resistance and are left frustrated.  Responding to life is the key. Learning to hear and feel their sacral response, either “Ah huh” (yes) or “Uh uh”  (no), shows the generator what is correct for them.For an experiential look at Generator & Manifesting Generator strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Projector:  Wait for an Invitation

Human Design Projector
The strategy of the Projector is to wait for the invitation. Projectors, who have deeply penetrating auras, need to be recognized for their gift of seeing others and guiding energy. However, if they try to get this recognition by forcing their way or offering their perspective without first being invited, they meet rejection and are left with bitterness. Being deeply seen and appreciated for who they are and what they have to offer is what brings the sense of success to the Projector. At first it feels like a punishment to have to sit down and shut up; however, it is truly the Projector’s protection from being dragged into things that will ultimately not be correct.For an experiential look at Projector strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Manifestor:  Inform

Human Design Manifestor
The strategy of the Manifestor is to inform before it acts. The Manifestor aura is repelling, and is designed to push things out of the way. The Manifestor is the only type that is here to initiate; however, if it initiates with its mind or acts before informing, it will meet with great resistance from others. Manifestors are here to live in a frequency of peace. They are lone wolves and can be very independent, yet find themselves embraced and supported when operating properly. Unfortunately, many end up angry or are stripped of their power due to the chaos they create by not using their power correctly or by letting others control them.For an experiential look at  Manifestor strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.

Reflector:  Wait a Lunar Cycle

Human Design Reflector
The strategy of the Reflector is to wait a full lunar cycle (roughly 29.5 days) before making important decisions. The Reflector aura is like Teflon: nothing sticks to it. Reflectors are here to sample their environment but not to get caught up in any one flavor. Their potential is to be great discerners of the collective. They are lunar beings who enjoy being surprised by something unique; however, when they look out at the world, many are deeply disappointed by injustice and homogenization. Place is everything for these beings. If they are in the right place, they are with the right people., and can bring benefit to their communities with their seeing.For an experiential look at Reflector strategy, follow the link to a lecture from our ongoing Living Design Training.
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Decision Making = Strategy and Authority

Authority is the mechanical way in which you make correct decisions from your body intelligence.  It is important to understand that you cannot get to correct authority or decision making without first being correct in your aura strategy (how you are designed to meet life). If your mind is pushing or pulling, trying to get what it thinks it wants, or reacting to pressure from others, remember: first you must go home. Home is your aura. Otherwise,  the following section is useless!!!


“What should I do?”  “How do I know?” Working with your own authority is the second step in Human Design, after understanding your aura. Below we will look at the different authorities, how and where in the body we are designed to make decisions. One is not better than the other; they are all simply mechanical. There is no way that your mind can understand authority, because it is a vastly different awareness, infinitely more intelligent. Authority is not logical and your mind will rarely, if ever, agree with it. Your mind is incapable of knowing what is correct for you, but through experimentation you can learn to trust your unique authority.

Emotional Authority (Solar Plexus)

Human Design Emotional Authority
When the Solar Plexus is defined in someone’s chart, it means their authority is Emotional. Emotional authority is rooted in feeling rather than thinking. It is not logical and one should never try to explain it. Emotions work in a wave, moving from hope to pain and back again. It is by feeling these movements that emotional authority can be experienced. Emotional authority is slow and should never be rushed. It is an incredibly deep awareness of the environment, like an emotional radar reaching out to FEEL what is good for you. For an emotional being, you must feel the situation or persons over a period of time, from different points in your wave, in order to draw the real truth from it. This is feeling your way through life, and “playing hard to get.” It is a good idea to push people and decisions away for as long as possible. You will never be sure, it will just feel right or not. This is why we say, “There is no truth in the now for the emotional being.” Anytime you start thinking, remember: it is about what you feel, not what you think.

Sacral Authority

Human Design Sacral Authority
Sacral authority is exclusive to the Generator and Manifesting Generator. Sacral authority is response in the now. It is the life force lighting up to be available, or not, for whatever it is responding to.  The sacral only speaks in three voices: Ah-huh (yes), Uhn-un (no) and hmmm (no response, hesitation, or no energy available right now.) It is important to hear the sound of your own sacral response (auditory) and to feel (visceral) the opening or the closing of your energy’s availability. It is a very shocking realization to discover that you can know everything about your life through the right questions. Sacral questions are simple yes or no questions. When you see for yourself that your energy and your mind disagree this can be scary.  Going against your life force causes frustration and degeneration of your entire body and everything you touch. Being in alignment with your life force by responding from your sacral authority gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and regeneration as your energy is being well used.

Spleen Authority

Human Design Splenic Authority
Spleen authority is exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors. Spleen authority is rooted in survival and is the oldest and most existential awareness. It ties us deeply to our past. Spleen knows nothing other than how to survive right NOW. Splenic awareness flows through the entire lymphatic system of the body like little tongues, noses and ears. It might be experienced as a cat-like sense of total alertness. However, for most people this is the hardest awareness to access, as it is quiet and weak compared to the mind and emotions. The spleen only speaks once and never repeats itself. Most people struggle to truly access this ancient awareness.  If ever unclear, return to your aura. That will help ground you.The spleen is basically saying YES until it says NO, and NO can be quite cutting and even violent; however it must be obeyed for your own survival.  Over time the spleen can develop and become a visceral light body “hit” feeling, like “this is very healthy;” however, the spleen’s main job is to say NO to anything that endangers your health.

Ego Authority

Human Design Ego Authority
Ego authority is exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors, and is the rarest of all authorities. Ego authority is rooted in the correct use of willpower. The ego, when properly used, makes a commitment to something that is correct for that being. Ego authority is experienced when you recognize what you say or do when you are not thinking.   Ego authority can be heard in the voice or be experienced as the willpower to complete something. Learning to hear your authority in your own voice can be a great way to begin to notice the ego’s true will power. One way to experiment is by talking to friends who will just listen for the ring of truth in your voice, without trying to influence you. Because the mind-driven ego has a way of overpowering everything and everyone in pursuit of what it wants, many people with ego authority have to learn to use this power correctly.  It is actually an unlearning or relearning process to master the precise, healthy, and correct use of this force, expressing itself naturally rather than willing itself through life.

G Authority (Self-Projected)

Human Design G Authority
G Authority, exclusive to projectors, is rooted  in the expression of the self. This has nothing to do with what a person thinks of as themselves. G authority can be discovered by learning to hear the frequency of the voice when the person is not thinking. The voice will either have a streaming quality, a flowing expression that is unencumbered by mind, or it will not.  When a G projector is speaking and feels that its expression is restricted or unclear, this is a sign that either they were not invited, or the mind is trying to influence the stream of information. The G projector begins to recognize itself through interaction with the other. Over time this becomes a visceral awareness, and can be experienced as an opening or pull from inside the chest, as if the self is rising up to meet life and is moving in the correct direction. Becoming comfortable with expressing oneself without censorship by the mind, when invited, is an important part of the evolution for the G authority.  Ultimately it is recommended with this authority that you talk about important things in your life with another person to get clear on what your truth is.

Mental Authority (None)

Human Design Mental - Environmental Authority
Mental authority, also known as “none” or “environmental,” is exclusive to projectors. The mental authority can be accessed by hearing the truth in one’s own voice after it leaves the body. Life force carries frequency and is discernible when communicated. In this type of projector, all centers below the throat are undefined, and the person receives sensory information about the environment through their open centers.  This authority learns to feel in the body what environment is beneficial and SEE who really wants its unique perspective. When it is invited into something larger where a decision is necessary, it is good to step back and talk it through with a listener who will not try to influence the decision. The correct environment will bring the correct people and activities, and a feeling of relaxation in the body.

Lunar Authority

Human Design Lunar Authority
Lunar authority, exclusive to the reflector, is navigated though the movement or transits of the moon, and is in that sense celestial.    This is radically different from all the other authorities.  With no consistent life force, lunar authority requires a deep understanding of how the planets are bringing energy into the life. There is a pattern, like a song or poem of the life force turning on and off,  that must be learned. This pattern repeats itself every 28 to 29 days, so observing this pattern while considering a decision gives many different perspectives.  It is only by seeing life through one or more lunar cycle that a reflector can even begin to SEE how these movements  change them, so they can have a much deeper relationship with nature and the stars.  Environmental awareness is also key here. It is very important that these beings be in the correct physical location as they bring a reflection of their environment to the world.   At the end of a cycle or perhaps many cycles, the Reflector can have a sense of clarity about the decision.
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The Nine Centers

We have nine energy centers in our body, each one with its own unique implications for our life. These centers can be either “Defined ” or “Open.” A defined center (colored) means that energy in that center is consistent; you can learn to rely on its fixed energy. An open center (white) means that the energy is coming in from the outside. This energy is amplified, and is not consistent or reliable. It is not you.

The Not-Self Mind

An open center can be a wonderful source of wisdom and sensitivity; however, it is generally where you are trapped trying to be what you are NOT. This is what Human Design calls the not-self mind. The monologues and dialogues that take place in your head are fueled by your open centers. This is who you think you are or what you think you should be. The mind is literally obsessed with these themes; this is where and how your mind tortures you. Learning to witness these voices is an incredible tool for dis-identifying with your mind.

The Head Center

Human Design Head Center
The Head Center is the pressure to think. This is one of two pressure centers (the other is the Root). It is the fuel to think though questions, doubts, and confusion. The defined Head center has the ability to be inspirational. When it’s not trying to figure out its own life, its perspective can bring information into the world.The undefined Head center is taking in everybody else’s thoughts and amplifying them, putting incredible pressure in your head to figure things out and to act on things that have nothing to do with you. The wisdom here is to witness your mind needlessly getting caught in mental ideas and concepts that are not yours.  The open Head question is: “Am I trying to answer everybody else’s questions?”

The Ajna Center

Human Design Ajna Center
The Ajna Center is how you think. A defined Ajna center has a fixed and reliable way in which it processes  information. It can seem and feel certain of its opinions, concepts, and theories. It has a consistent way of conceptualizing, and sees information through the same patterns.The undefined Ajna is under pressure to try to hold onto a mental opinion. With no fixed way of thinking, these people often end up with anxiety about not being consistent, and overcompensate by trying to make everyone else believe that they are certain and smart. The wisdom here is to see that there is no need to have a fixed mental opinion about anything. The open Ajna question is : “Am I trying to convince everyone/myself that I am certain?”

The Throat Center

Human Design Throat Center
The Throat Center is about communication. The Throat is the point towards which all the energy in the body is moving to find expression. It is through this center that manifestation, metamorphosis, and transformation take place. The defined Throat speaks in a fixed way, with a consistent expression from whatever energy center it is connected to.The undefined Throat  has no consistent voice, which can cause a nervousness and a pressure to speak. The open Throat can want to attract attention by expressing something or by saying that it will do something (manifest) in order to relieve the pressure.  The open Throat can speak in many voices with different ways of expressing, as long as it is not trying to force it. The open center wisdom is to learn that there is nothing that needs to be done or said; silence is okay.  The open Throat  question is: “Am I trying to attract attention?”

The G Center

Human Design G Center
The G Center is the identity of the self.  This center is about love, behavior, and direction.  The defined G center represents a fixed self that behaves and expresses love in a consistent way, and is moving in a fixed trajectory in this life. It is a reliable expression of the self.The undefined G center has no fixed identity, and can be confused because it is always changing, as each environment brings a new identity. Many open G’s can feel like they need to hold on to a certain identity or love in order to feel secure. The wisdom here is to know that there is no fixed identity and that place (geographic location) is your friend. The open G question is: “Am I looking for love and direction?”

The Ego Center

Human Design Ego Center
The Ego center is about willpower.This is where the will to do something or not is expressed as an energy. The defined Ego can make commitments and promises that are healthy for it. It can feel stubborn and often pushy, especially to those with no defined willpower.The undefined Ego is always under pressure to prove and improve itself.  This can be experienced as  a deep lack of self worth. The vast majority of people have No willpower, and suffer greatly because the world puts great emphasis on being able to do what you say. The wisdom of the open ego is to know that you are worthy, and to never make promises based in will, or what you or others think you should do. The open Ego center question is : ” Do I  have  something to prove or improve?”
The Solar Plexus Center
Human Design Solar Plexus Center
The Solar Plexus is about emotion. The defined Solar Plexus is the source of emotional energy, and works in a wave from hope to pain and back again. The defined emotional center needs time in order to feel its way through the environment, and learns to create space so that it can become clear, never giving in to the  pressure to act spontaneously.  It is a  relief for many to understand that there is no reason for their highs and lows; it is just chemistry.An undefined Solar Plexus means that you are taking in the emotions of others and amplifying them. The open emotional being has learned to make nice and play nice in order to avoid the volatility of the emotional world. The wisdom here is that you should  never trust how you feel (the emotions of others) or allow yourself to be pressured emotionally by others. The open Solar Plexus question is : “Am I avoiding confrontation and truth?”

The Sacral Center

Human Design Sacral Center
The Sacral Center is the source of life force. It is reproductive, life sustaining energy. The defined Sacral has the capacity to sustain work and create in the world. The Sacral is a response motor and regenerates itself through the correct application of its energy. However, the opposite is also true: it can degenerate into frustration when forced to do work that is not satisfying.The undefined Sacral means that there is no consistent access to life force. Many people with undefined Sacral centers take in and amplify the energy around them, and end up way overdoing what is energetically correct for them, trying to keep up with the world of the generator. This can be an addiction to energy and sex.  The wisdom here is to witness how energy works without getting lost in it. The question is “Do I know when enough is enough?”

The Spleen Center

Human Design Spleen Center
The Spleen is about survival. The Spleen is our oldest and most primal awareness. The Spleen is also completely existential, meaning that it only works in the now. Based in instinct,  it is what is often referred to as intuition. This body-knowing runs through the lymphatic system. Like little tongues, noses and ears covering the body, it is a cat-like sense. Defined Spleens have a fixed sense of well being and can know in the moment how to act in order to survive and be healthy.Undefined Spleens can feel very vulnerable and often spend a lot of time trying to fix their amplified fears by hanging on to whatever makes them feel more secure, regardless of whether it is actually healthy or not. It is not healthy for undefined Spleens to be spontaneous; they are not here to act in the now. The wisdom for the undefined spleen is to know that the need to feel better or more secure is not them; they are simply amplifying all the fears and insecurities of the world. The open Spleen question is “Am I holding on to what is not good for me?”

The Root Center

Human Design Root Center
The Root Center is about adrenal pressure. It is one of the two pressure centers (the other is the Head). The Root center’s pressure moves energy up through the body to fuel action. Defined Root people are under a constant and consistent pressure to do. It is a healthy energy as long as it entered into and used correctly. It can also be healthy for the defined Root to release pressure through activities such as exercise.The undefined Root is dealing with an amplification of this adrenal stress that comes into the body as a physical pressure to be in a hurry. The undefined Root can be constantly hijacked by the pressure of modern life. The wisdom here is to know that this is not their energy and there is no need to rush; it is okay to feel the pressure and just let it be. The open root question is “Am I in a hurry to get everything done so I can be free of the pressure?”
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