Do you long to live an authentic life aligned with your truest and deepest nature?  

Are you curious to learn more about what motivates you, and drives not only your decisions, but also your destiny?

Are you feeling ready to dive into a body of knowledge that will help YOU embody the highest version of your Self?



The Human Design System is truly an Aquarian Age modality, which synthesizes the four ancient observational systems with modern sciences – the Western Astrology System, the Chinese I Ching System, the Hindu Brahman Chakra System, the Judiac Kaballah-Tree of Life System along with Bio Chemistry, Genetic Encoding, and Quantum-Physics. Learn how this Human Design system can be incorporated into your daily life.


Human Design will assuredly assist you on your life journey of coming more and more into your own power and truth. This is vital when dealing with the increasing shifts and changes occurring in the world and in your life, including business, family and personal relationships.



These sessions are designed to shift your perspective from your old habitual way of reacting to circumstances in all of your relations- in business, family, friendships, and romance. You will be shown and supported with a new way to be your unique individual self and how to make decisions that are always correct for your life.

Sessions are offered in the following ways:

One on One Consultation

Discover your personal strategy to meet with life in a way that allows you to enter into any situation with greater clarity and authenticity. Experience deep relaxation from stress and anxiety through healing sounds frequencies and shamanic guidance. Click to schedule a one on one session.

Couples Consultation

Gain a mechanical and visual understanding of how your partner’s energetic system meets with yours and vise versa, providing the opportunity for better communication in a healthy long term relationship or solutions for unhealthy relationships. Click to schedule a couples session.

Family Consultation

Understand family dynamics from a new perspective and by releasing deeply conditioned unhealthy ancestral patterns, allow family members to discover their differences in a new light and provides the opportunity to respect each other’s unique way to be themselves. Click to schedule a family session.

BUSINESS Consultation